FAQ: Certified Quilt Business

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Archive

Why join the Certified Quilt Business Program?

There are two main reasons to become a QOVF Certified Quilt Business

  • To show support for service members and veterans
  • To market your business to volunteers making Quilts of Valor® (QOVs).

Over 257,059 QOVs have been awarded by over 11300 volunteers. The average cost of materials alone is about $300.00 per QOV.

Can Certified Quilt Businesses sponsor QOV groups?

Certified Quilt Businesses can sponsor a QOV Group and work with that group to expand the number of volunteers in support of the QOVF Mission.

Who is currently a Certified Quilt Business?

You can find all of our Certified Quilt Businesses Here.  Certified Quilt Businesses/Shops are coded in Pink on the map.

What is the Registration Process?

There are two steps to registration:

  1. Complete the on-line registration form and pay an annual registration fee. Click Here.
  2. Complete and submit the Financial Responsibility Form. Click here..

You will receive a Welcome email with information including creating a QOVF account. Each business is expected to adhere to the QOVF Policies & Procedures regarding the handling of funds.

What are the Benefits?

QOVF Marketing: Quilt Businesses will be listed on the QOVF website pages with a link to the business, mentioned in the newsletter, promoted in QOVF’s social media, and by other appropriate methods.

QOVF Logo: Certified Quilt Businesses are permitted to use the QOVF registered trademarks as shown below in advertising, newsletters, on websites, and in social media: Quilts of Valor®, Quilt of Valor®, QOV® and the QOVF logo. Please note that instances of potential infringement on the QOVF’s trademarks will be addressed appropriately. Electronic copies of the logo can be obtained by emailing Executive Director.

Certified Quilt Business Only Website Login: A dedicated on-line area where businesses may purchase QOVF merchandise, request marketing tools (e.g., brochures), access forms, and learn about what other businesses are doing to support the QOVF mission and encourage customers to become engaged in the mission.

Donations: Businesses may raise funds and accept monetary or non-monetary donations on behalf of the QOVF. Donations may be used to make quilts or may be designated for a specific purpose, (e.g., for a QOVF Group, a specific State, Under Our Wings®, Al Lind Legacy Fund, Generations of Service, General Foundation
Operations). Donations (monies and non-monetary donations) must be recorded using the donation forms.

Reimbursement from Donations: After locally raised funds are recorded for tax code compliance, 100% of funds become the business’ designated funds and are available for reimbursement, in accordance with the QOVF Policies and Procedures

QOV Labels: Labels are available from the QOVF store or other sources. The QOVF store and some sources donate a percentage of the cost back to the QOVF.

Completed Quilts: QOVs may be awarded locally or shared with another state or group to fulfill existing requests. All awards should be reported via the website.

Are there other opportunities for Certified Quilt Businesses?

Support a QOV Group: Consider sponsoring a QOV Group and work together towards the mission. Sponsorship waives the group’s fee ($75.00).

Support the Under Our Wings® Program: Consider supporting youth and adult community service organizations in Under Our Wings programs as they learn to make and award Quilts of Valor.