National Block Drive

Split Back Star Block Counts as of 8/26/23


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Blocks Received

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2021 - Eight Point Star


State Made Blocks

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The Split Back Star Block was selected for 2023.  Click here for instructions.

Kim DiJoseph designed the pattern. 


You can mail your blocks to:

Quilts of Valor
attn: 2023 Block Drive
525 Richland Avenue
St Mathews, SC 29135


Choose a local group to mail your blocks.

Mailing instructions:

1. If mailing ONE block, fold it carefully and mail in a standard business size envelope with a “forever” stamp. It cannot be more than ¼” thick.

2. If mailing more than ONE block, use a manila envelope (remove the metal clasp as that make it non-machine able and costs more) and take it to the post office to have postage attached.

3. If sending a lot of blocks, place them in a Ziploc bag and put a label with your name and address IN THE BAG.

2023 Partnership:

We are proud to have a partnership with AccuQuilt, a fabric cutting machine and die cutter manufacturer, since 2008. They are partnering with us to contribute to our 2023 Block Drive to create the 2023 Block, the Split Back Star.

Reporting your Blocks:

We know many of you participate in the drive, but like to ensure local efforts are kept in the community that produced them. We want to recognize those blocks as their own, so please email your counts to

The purpose of the national block drive is to give individuals or groups who wish to make just a few blocks, but not assemble a quilt, have their block(s) in quilts made across the nation. These blocks can be assembled many ways into a QOV. These blocks will assist State Coordinators. They will also help fill requests not covered by local groups and ease their backlogs.

Our Members and the many individuals, guilds and organizations that make and send blocks each year are invaluable. Without your support of our Mission, we would not be as far along as we are in wrapping our military in comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.