Volunteer for the LongArmy

The Quilts of Valor Foundation LongArmyTM is a team of volunteers who donate their talents to QOV groups and individual members without access to longarming services. We welcome any longarmer or machine quilter who wants to be a part of the LongArmy and support the QOVF Mission.


Expectation of a LongArmy Member

To be a part of the LongArmy, you need to be a QOVF Member. If you aren’t a member, you can join one of three ways: become an individual member, join as a member of an existing QOVF Group or become a member of the QOVF LongArmy.

Additional key expectations include:

  • Indicate how many quilts you commit to do.
  • Provide batting: quality cotton blend, low-loft polyester or 80/20 poly blend.
  • Communicate with the topper for style, design, issues and arrangement for return of quilt within 30-days.
  • Must return the top within 30-days.

For a more detailed list of LongArmy requirements and expectations, and other valuable information, please reference our Policies and Procedures.

Join our LongArmy if you are ready to help the mission!  We need you!  Fill out a brief questionnaire and someone will contact you.

Note:  In order to protect our volunteers, Service Members and Veterans who may be in a high-risk category, we ask you to follow all safety and health protocols based upon your State or community’s guidance.  This includes frequent hand washing while packaging a quilt top for the LongArmy, while quilting the top and when packaging the Quilt for return.