I would like to welcome you and thank you for taking an interest in the Under Our Wings® program (UOW®).  This exciting and important part of the Quilts of Valor® Foundation (QOVF®) will give us more resources bring young people to the art of quilting and show them the satisfaction of community service.

Who can participate in an Under Our Wings® program? 

This program is designed to include both youth and adult community service organizations, for example, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, FFA, 4H, 4H Military Partnership, DAV, VFW, Senior Citizens Centers, Quilt Guilds, Senior Projects for graduating Seniors in High School, church groups or any other group that desires to do a community service project.

Purpose of the Program:

The Under Our Wings® program is designed not only to honor our veterans and service members touched by war, but to give young people the opportunity to learn the art and skill of quilting, participating in a community service project, learning about a veteran or service member in their community and the satisfaction and honor of awarding a veteran or service member a Quilt of Valor® by holding an award ceremony.

The civic groups that participate will learn the pride of making and awarding a Quilt of Valor® while completing a community service project and honoring a veteran or service member in their community.

Thank you for taking the step to begin an Under Our Wings® program in your community!
Under Our Wings® Coordinator
Quilts of Valor® Foundation



Create an UNDER OUR WINGS® Program!

Community service…….Honor a Veteran…….Be creative……Have fun!