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Shop Connecting Threads QOV collection

Shop Connecting Threads QOV collection

We're excited to announce our ongoing partnership with Connecting Threads. Connecting Threads has patriotic Quilts of Valor Thread Sets and QOV Quilt Kits. Click here to shop Connecting Threads QOV collection of thread, fabric, and quilt kits. A portion of each sale...

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News on QOVF Quilt Patterns page

We have exciting news to share about the Quilts of Valor Foundation Website. This summer, the Quilt Pattern page will be in the process of a redesign.  We are asking QOVF Members, QOVF Group Leaders, Regional/State Coordinators, and the many supporters to download the...

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QOVF Nomination and Award Management System (NAMS) – First Anniversary

QOVF Nomination and Award Management System (NAMS)

Hello QOVF Members, It’s been one year since NAMS implementation and we have heard from you! It’s good to know that you find NAMS a much-improved way to manage your requests for QOVs. Some of your comments include that it is simple and user friendly, the activity and...

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Members-Only Specials

Superior Threads QOVF Program

These prices are for QOV members year round. If you have never ordered thread from Superior Threads through the QOVF program, please send an email to and they will take care of you for your initial registration. MasterPiece 600 yd. Spools at...

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MeadowLyon Designs

MeadowLyon Designs is pleased to be participating in the Quilts of Valor® program. We are offering the following patterns (complimentary) for those who are making these special quilts for members of the armed forces. The patterns Starry Night and America’s Pride are...

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Land’s End Shirt Offer

Land's End offers shirts with the QOV® logo embroidered in their Business Outfitters department. By signing up for their business emails, they offer free embroidery and also free shipping throughout the year during special sales. The only way to get that free offer...

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Spoonflower Quilts of Valor Labels

In addition to our 20th Anniversary labels, our store has other custom labels and panels, and even yardage now available. If you order quilt labels from the QOVF Spoonflower Store, a percentage of proceeds goes back to Quiltsof Valor® Foundation.

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                  Vietnam War Commemoration Lapel Pin

                    Quilt Standards
                    • A Quilt of Valor does not have to be red, white, and blue, but patriotic colors are very popular with recipients. Panels can provide a great focal point and bring in other colors. Think creatively with the recipient in mind.
                    • Recommended size: is 60" x 80"; minimum: 55" x 65"; maximum: 72" x 90".
                    • Use quality, adult-appropriate, 100% cotton, quilt-weight fabrics. Avoid juvenile prints and branch-specific fabric unless the recipient is known in advance, as this creates difficulty in identifying a recipient.
                    • The Quilt consists of a top, batting, and backing. It must be machine or hand-quilted. A tied quilt is not acceptable for a Quilt of Valor.
                    • Wash the quilt once completed so it is soft and so that any potential fabric dye bleeding issues are resolved. Use cold water, mild detergent, and unscented products. A color catcher will capture fabric dyes in the washer.
                    • A Quilt of Valor may be awarded in a presentation case, though a presentation case is not required. Information about making a presentation case is in the “QOV Construction Quick Reference Guide” in the Appendices section of the Policies & Procedures manual.
                    • A presentation pillow case is optional unless sending overseas.
                    Quilt Patterns

                    Quilts of Valor may be made from any quilt pattern as long as the size requirements are followed. The quilt patterns offered in our gallery are a very small selection of patterns available.

                    View gallery of patterns > 

                    Fabric & Pattern
                    • Use quality, adult-appropriate, 100% cotton, quilt-weight fabrics. Avoid juvenile prints and branch-specific fabric unless the recipient is known.
                    • A Quilt of Valor does not have to be red, white, and blue, but patriotic colors are very popular with recipients. Panels can provide a great focal point and bring in other colors. Think creatively with the recipient in mind.
                    • Use a commercial pattern or your design. Avoid full-size flag patterns that might resemble a casket flag.

                    More info in Policies & Procedures > 

                    Backing & Binding
                    • Use quality, 100% cotton; backings provided to LongArmy Volunteers must be 8" wider in width and 8" longer in length. Wide commercial backings sold at quilt and fabric stores are acceptable. Square up, press and fold backing neatly before providing to quilter.
                    • Use quality, low loft batting such as cotton, cotton blends, polyester or polyester blends.
                    • Double fold, also known as French fold, is recommended for durability. Hand stitch or neatly machine stitch binding.

                    More info in Policies & Procedures >

                    Labeling a Quilt of Valor
                    • The label must state a quilt is a Quilt of Valor to be awarded and must recorded as such.
                    • Make your label or purchase at a participating quilt shop or online at
                    • Use a permanent fabric pen when personalizing.
                    • Include the name of the recifient, the names of the piecer, quilter, and binder, the city and state of residence if desired, date and location of the award. It is not required the first and last names are on the label.
                    • A label may also include simple washing instructions of cold water, mild detergent, use a color catcher initially, and tumble dry low.
                    • Religious or political messages may not be included.
                    Optional Presentation Case

                    A presentation case is like gift wrapping for a Quilt of Valor. Presentation cases are always required for QOVs going to the overseas destinations and to the medical facilities on our Continuing Destinations List. They are optional for local, individual or small group awards.

                    Two ways of making a presentation case:

                    Judy Woodmansee’s “Sausage Pillowcase” is beautiful when completed and fun to make!  Watch Judy’s video demonstration to learn more.

                    You can also make a reusable bag for your QOV.

                    Longarming a QOV

                    A QOV can be longarmed locally. 

                    A limited number of QOVF members who are also longarm machine quilters across the U.S. have registered to serve as LongArmy Volunteers and longarmer for QOVF at no charge.

                    QOVF members in good standing may request a LongArmy volunteer to longarm their tops.  To request a LongArmy Volunteer pairing, please sign into the Member Dashboard to complete the pairing request.


                    More info in Policies & Procedures >

                    Awarding or Donating a Quilt

                    You can award your quilt locally, or donate it to a group or state coordinator.

                    Award or Donate your QOV >

                    Why is my Group not listed on the "Who's In My Area" Map?

                    QOV groups are listed on the Map if two (2) conditions are met:

                    - The group is in good standing and their registration has not expired (dues paid).

                    - The group leader has signed and submitted the Group Leader Financial Responsibility Form (FRF).

                    Information listed on Who's in My Area is from the group membership profile.  To ensure your listing is correct, review or update your group profile:

                    1. Login to Member Dashboard using your Group ID and password
                    2. Click on Update Profile
                    3. Provide login and PW again, to go the membership area
                    4. Select 'My Profile' from the dropdown list in upper right corner of page.

                    If you are the Group Leader, ensure your group dues are paid, you have completed the Group Leader Financial Responsibility Form (FRF), and your profile lists the correct information.  The FRF can be found on your Member Dashboard. If you need further assistance Contact Us by using the email contact form.