State Coordinator and Regional Coordinator

I have lived in Platteville since 2001. Previously I taught culinary arts for 30 years in Eau Claire, WI where my son, DIL and very smart grandson still live. I have been quilting since 1976 and have been a professional longarm quilter since 1998. I first started on military quilts with the 911/PA/Pentagon project that collected blocks then made them into honor panels. Working with the Platteville Military Project, we created over 250 quilts that first went to “Quilts for Soldiers” (precursor to QOV) and then found distribution in Wisconsin and Iowa.

I formally joined QOVF when I wanted to make great quilts with a specific honor attached. I got very enthused when I met Marcia Stevens and the other Upper Midwest coordinators who were the first region network. With the help of my Longarm group (GLPMQA) and many others we have made, quilted and awarded 100’s of QOV in Wisconsin and other areas.

Together we work with many service and community organizations to educate, recruit and encourage the making and awarding of Quilts of Valor. You can always find us at the WPT Quilt Expo in Madison the first week in September as well as at many other events.

If you have a request or want to help make a quilt, please contact me. We have registered groups throughout the state and many informal groups that would like to work with you.