State Coordinator

I live in Jacksonville, Vermont. This is on the boarder of Massachusetts. I am married and we have 2 daughters: one lives in Texas with 2 children and the other lives here in Vermont with her family. We have a total of 3 grandchildren ages 6,11, and 16. We have one dog (chip) who has been a challenge to care as he is a diabetic and we had to have his eyes removed due to going blind and the eyes were swollen and causing headaches, but he is doing fine at this time. I am an RN and I work nights in an ICU, and during the day I work for an IV company going out and doing IVs and teaching cardiac patients on cardiac drugs for primary pulmonary hypertension.

I have been making quilts for years and had read about QOV and after having many family members and friends serve and fight in combat I want to do something for the men and women of our country who fight for our freedom.

I am the Vermont Regional Coordinator, working to get Vermont more involved in making quilts for QOV. I have presented a few quilts and it has been an honor meeting our service men and women.