District Coordinator

Karen Downer

I was born in New Hampshire where my World War II Veteran father had his first professorship but I was raised in Tennessee.  My parents felt the need to get out of the brutal winters and into the brutal heat and humidity of the South.  It was kind of mandatory that I attend the University of Tennessee where I acquired my first Engineering degree. Later I obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering from Clemson University. I can only say that all that MATH has proven extremely helpful in the quilt making process!!

I was very fortunate to work for 35 years in the nuclear power and research industries where I was both a federal employee and a contractor working for nuclear utilities and Defense and Energy national laboratories.  I worked in many locations across the US and always found myself working with veterans and service men and women. Their stories and sacrifices were amazing and compelling and caused me to appreciate the true value of my freedom.

I love to work with novice quilt makers and new QOV participants.  I love to see that light go off when people realize how meaningful and important quilts are and that anyone can learn and participate.  The more people we enable to participate in thanking our veterans and active duty personnel—the better!