District Coordinator

My name is, Darla McDowell.  I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I now reside with my husband in the beautiful state of Maine.  I read my Bible to build my faith in God, play piano and I am a violin student.

I started sewing in my 30’s and by 50 had my own longarm and soon started a quilting business.  With my son in the Navy and my interest in quilting, it seems I was destined to unite with the Quilts of Valor Foundation.  

I have been using my longarm for the QOVF for a many years and now I am learning to fill a new roll of Maine State Coordinator, Southwest District.  I have certified my quilting business with QOVF and I sponsor the “Sanford Stars Sewing Group”.  I desire to help expand the number of volunteers in support of the QOVF Mission and get more to join us in making these quilts so more veterans can be given one.