Co-State Coordinator

I’m a Floridian by birth but now make South Carolina my home. I have always had a great love of sewing. Both my grandmothers  and my mother were always sewing.  I also had a wonderful sewing teacher in high school. I have been fortunate to have so many wonderful women teaching me thru my life .

Before having my first child I started my own business sewing. Thru the early years I have done many types of sewing. Clothing for both customers and my family although Draperies and custom bedding have been the main stay of my business I have come to love quilting in recent years.

I started quilting for QOV in 2011. People ask why I volunteer to quilt for this service organization. I have a great appreciation for those that sacrifice to keep those in our country safe. I quilt to show how much I appreciate the sacrifices they make that enables me to stay home and do what I love.