State Coordinator and Regional Coordinator

I am originally from South Carolina. I have traveled all over the US and to Germany.  My husband was in the Army and retired a few years ago,and we now live and pastor a church in Iva, SC. I am a mom to 4 kiddos. The youngest is A Quilt of Valor member and loves it. She is 6. I have been sewing since I was 3 and never wanted to make Quilts. I made ball gowns and dresses and other crafts.  I took my nieces 6 kids. The oldest was 6 and the youngest was 2 months. I went from working every day to staying home with the children. For 5 months then they went to stay with another family member. I thought great, I will go back to work. But all my work was gone and they had hired other people. So I was miserable. One of the ladies at church said, “come on, you’re going with me tomorrow.” I told her I was not quilting, and she said, “ok sew these strips together.” I did, and made a yoyo quilt in a day. I am hooked, and I have been making tops since then. I learned to do all the rest in time. I have always fixed machines also. I have been a QOV member since 2016. I love this organization and all that we do.