Priscilla Andrews

State Coordinator

I am a transplanted Vermonter, living in the High Plains of New Mexico. I arrived here the first time in 1981, an Airman in the USAF. I lived here 3 years and then traveled many places during my USAF career, including Southwestern Asia, just after Desert Storm. I returned to New Mexico in 1992 and stayed after my retirement in 2000 when I took a job working for a government contractor that maintains the training range here for the Air Force Special Operations Command.

I come from a long line of military servicemen and women, as far back as the Civil War. My grandfathers fought in WWI, my father and his brothers in WWII. One of my Uncles went down at Pearl Harbor with the USS Arizona. I have cousins that fought in Viet Nam. And then there is me, Desert Storm.

I have been a crafter since I was a child, sewing, crocheting, painting and other skills as well, but did not make my first quilt until after I retired from the USAF. I have made several since then. I am currently working on 5 quilts! I am SO looking forward to full retirement in the next few years. Right now there just never seems to be enough time!

I was only recently introduced (in 2014) to the Quilts of Valor Foundation when a friend of mine from Vermont was awarded one for his service to country. I thought it was the most touching and wonderful idea that I just had to become involved. I went to the website and found that New Mexico did not have a state coordinator. I knew this was an opportunity that I could not let slip by.

I anticipate helping to build the state’s volunteer organization, meeting all sorts of talented and generous folks and together making many wonderful quilts for those that have been touched by war. I look forward to working with you.