State Coordinator and Regional Coordinator

I live with my husband in Gorham, ME. My husband is a Navy Veteran and I have family members who also are veterans. I have two daughters, one lives in Alabama with her family (my two oldest grandchildren) and one lives in New Hampshire with her family (my youngest grandchild).

I learned to sew while growing up in Mississippi. I would love to sit and watch my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother sew and make quilts by hand. I started helping them at an early age and when I was in college I would stay with my great grandmother on the weekends and we would talk about making quilts and we made several during my college years. My mom and I continued that tradition during the summer months when she would come from Arkansas to Maine to visit us for the summer. I never started really quilting on my own until after the passing of mom in May 2016.

I learned about QOV while attending a quilt show in New Hampshire with my husband, daughter, and grandson. I love to travel the state of Maine and visit all the quilt shops. I think this position will help me get the word out about QOV and get more quilters making quilts so more veterans can be awarded quilts.