State Coordinator

It all started with a pattern in a quilt magazine. I was a relatively new quilter, and I read quilt magazines cover to cover. I still do! The pattern that caught my eye back then said something about it being a design suitable for Quilts of Valor.

A few years went by, and I was getting ready to retire from a thirty-year leadership position in marketing and direct sales. I was finishing a four-year stint on the local quilt guild board and quilting every spare minute. I decided to take a look at Quilts of Valor and discovered there wasn’t a chapter on Oahu. And the rest is history.

The state of Hawaii and particularly the island of Oahu has one of the highest per capita active duty, retired and veterans. I believe I speak for the QOV members across our beautiful state when I say we are passionate about reaching these men & women and wrapping them in a beautiful quilt.