State Coordinator

I now live in Tucson, Arizona although I grew up in Minnesota. I have a 21 year old African Grey parrot named Zachary and he seems to think he owns the home in which we both live. I guess I have been well trained.

I am now retired. Professionally, my career had been largely in higher education and in the Army – both active duty (5 years) and reserves (24 years.) When on active duty, I worked as a surgical nurse and am a Vietnam Veteran. My graduate work led to a career in administration of nursing education programs, and was dean of colleges of nursing for two private Christian universities. Shortly before retiring, I began playing the harp and enjoy doing so. I have played voluntarily in hospice settings, and for some services at church; but now, play mostly for my own enjoyment.

I had heard of Quilts of Valor, but did not have any real experience with the organization until one day I was awarded a quilt and remember the very special feeling of that quilt wrapped around me. I joined Quilts of Valor shortly after that. Making and presenting a quilt to another; veteran is a real joy.