Celebration of 300,000 Quilt Awards

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Members Only News, QOVF In The News

A major milestone for Quilts of Valor is fast approaching. With over 295,000 awards completed, we expect to pass the 300,000 mark early in 2022. With your help, this will be a great accomplishment and we want to give it the celebration it, our volunteers, and our veterans deserve.

When we reached the 200,000 mark in 2018, there were a number of celebratory activities. Shane Kimbrough (astronaut and veteran) was awarded an honorary Quilt of Valor. The quilt was made by Michelle Nelson (Board Treasurer) and presented by Sue Reich (Board President). The award was broadcast on Facebook Live so that everyone could join in the celebration. In addition, Group Leaders were encouraged to make an honorary award locally and post the pictures to the QOVF Facebook pages and many did so.

Plans for the 300,000th award are in progress and more details will be available soon. There will be a weekly countdown of awards on the web page so we can keep a close eye on the timing. We hope to provide a press release that can be offered to local media outlets to go with pictures you may have of your honorary award and/or your group’s members. We are pursuing the idea of securing a spot on a morning TV news show and hope we can make that work, too.

Begin to consider who your group will award an honorary 300,000th quilt. Whether you choose a Veteran or Service Member with strong local name recognition, someone very involved in community service, or a Veteran residing in a nursing home, or confined to home care, consider notifying your local newspaper to enable further recognition to your awardee and this huge milestone for QOVF so everyone can celebrate.

This amazing achievement is because of the hard work and dedication of you – our volunteers and supporters. Thank you so much for all you do.