Quilt Labels

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Quilter Questions

Appendix E.2 Labels for Quilts of Valor

A Quilt of Valor must be labeled as such.

Quilts of Valor labels may be:

  • Handwritten, using permanent ink designed for fabric such as Sakura Pigma® Micron® Pen or Sakura Identi-Pen®. • Machine embroidered • Computer generated • Pieced
  • Purchased from SPOONFLOWER

Occasionally a fabric company such as Moda or Andover will print QOV labels which can be purchased at your local quilt store.


Information that must be included on a Quilt of Valor label includes:

  • The words “Quilt of Valor.”
  • The quilt maker(s) name and state, including the maker of the top, the quilter (machine or hand), and the binder. Full names are acceptable.
  • Space to fill in the name of the awardee.


Labels may also include:

  • Expression of gratitude.
  • A dedication (for example, “My dad, a Vietnam Veteran”)
  • Date awarded.
  • Washing Instructions (cold water, mild detergent, “color catcher,” dry on low heat).

Labels may not include: Religious or political messages (possible exception if the recipient is well known).