FAQ: Volunteer

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What are the QOVF member benefits?

There are advantages to becoming a member of a QOVF group. Members have extra benefits such as:
• Advance notice of upcoming QOVF special events, members only specials on fabrics and patterns from QOVF supporting partners, and discounted opportunities to participate in other quilt related events
• Access to templates for QOV award certificates, QOVF letterhead, and more
Members also have access to obtain free Longarm services for their QOV tops.
To join click here

Can I volunteer and not become a QOVF member?

Yes, QOVF promotes volunteerism. You can volunteer to make tops, sew with members at sew days, and have your tops turned into QOVs to be awarded within your local area or state.

However, there are benefits to being a QOV Group member.  See the Member Benefits FAQ for more information, or just  click here join.

What are the responsibilities of a Group Leader?

This individual commits to ensuring the Foundation’s requirements are adhered to a local level. There are five (5) key areas a Group Leader should consider when forming a group:
1. Openly model our Core Values.The protection of the Foundation’s marks and intellectual properties/brand
2.  The protection of the Foundation’s marks and intellectual properties/brand.
3.  The protection of our status with the IRS and any state where we are incorporated or hold a license to solicit.
4.  Ensuring the QOVs produced meet our quality and size standards.
5.  Working with the State or District Coordinator and/or the Foundation to serve the open nominations in our system first.

What the group obtains in exchange, is the Group Leader may initiate fundraising in our name, with those local funds being set aside for their approved use (fabric and notions).

The other benefits can be discussed by contacting the Executive Director
To find out more, click here. (goes to Policies & Procedures)

What are the responsibilities of a Regional, State or District Coordinator?

These volunteers have committed to help their groups succeed, help the Foundation know what is happening in their area and to coordinate between groups and the Foundation. For more information, please email executive.director@qovf.org.

I want to serve on the Board of Directors – How do I apply?

When we have Board of Director openings, we issue an internal message asking for resumes. However, we also accept resumes throughout the year, which we hold until we have an open position or determine the board contingent should be expanded. Please submit your information via email click here

If I decide to serve on the Board of Directors and am chosen, do I have to resign my volunteer leadership position in the organization?

No, if you are a Group Leader.
Yes, if you are a Regional, State or District Coordinator or serving as Volunteer Staff.