Lauri Leirdahl has a long connection to military life. She is the granddaughter, daughter, niece, and cousin of veterans. Closer to her heart, however, is being the wife of a veteran. Her husband, a retired Infantry CSM, served thirty-two years in the Army and deployed to Iraq three times. When she read founder Catherine Robert’s description of feeling “ten-seconds away from panic twenty-four hours a day, every day” she felt an instant connection. As a senior military spouse, in addition to supporting her husband, she worked with the chain of command to facilitate communication with families. She advised, mentored, and supported military families across the United States in readiness, morale, and crisis management.

As an attorney for over twenty-five years, she has represented clients in complex family law matters and in administrative law for veteran and social security disability claims. She was a court appointed attorney, for abused and neglected children, in Dependency cases. She provided foster care and kinship education for relative caregivers. Additionally, she was a Judge Pro Tempore in family law matters. Although retired from active practice, Lauri continues to provide legal assistance on a voluntarily basis.

Lauri has served on several boards and committees throughout her career. She is currently the Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Twin Harbors Wildlife Center.

In her life, and in her career, she has had many opportunities to serve people. Lauri is extremely thankful for the QOVF to provide her the opportunity to continue serving the veterans she holds very dear to her heart.

Lauri currently lives in Elma, Washington with her husband and three Labrador retrievers.