www.QOVF.org Refreshed

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Members Only News, QOVF In The News

We’re so happy to launch the new look and feel of our site. Here is a quick list of what’s new:

  • HOME has a top-located navigation menu making everything easy to find. 
  • Who’s in My Area is located under the menu option ABOUT US and includes search capability by multiple criteria such as group name, group number, city, state, or zip code. Located on the map pinpoints are CONTACT and DONATE buttons, making it easy to communicate or donate directly to a group’s account.
  • At the top right is the Member Sign-in, providing easy access to the new MEMBER DASHBOARD. Here you will find your individual and group information, forms and documents as well as members only information and specials.
  • The Mobile platform (iPhone, Android) is setup for easy usability.
  • Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) have been expanded.
  • The enhanced SEARCH feature will put information at your fingertips. If you cannot find what you are looking for, try the search feature.
  • ABOUT US also has a redesigned Media Center and Memorable Moments. You will find Threads, videos hosted on YouTube, links to social media platforms and a QOVF news feed.
  • The ability to JOIN US is more streamlined allowing visitors to join the organization as an individual or group member, group, part of the LongArmy or a Certified Quilt Business.

We still have more to do and we’re hard at work getting the store ready. Take a look around, we’re happy you’re here!