Requesting a LongArmy Volunteer

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Quilter Questions, Uncategorized

A limited number of QOVF members across the U.S. have registered to serve as LongArmy Volunteers at no charge.

QOVF members in good standing may request a LongArmy Volunteer by completing and submitting the form below.  Be sure the form is complete before submitting.

The Foundation’s LongArmy Volunteer Coordinators (LC) provide the assigned volunteer’s contact information to the quilt maker within seven to ten working days of receiving the request.

Once the quilt maker and LongArmy Volunteer have communicated, the quilt maker ships the quilt top and backing. The volunteer contacts the quilt maker within five to seven business days of receiving the quilt top and backing to confirm the package has arrived.

Quilt makers who do not receive confirmation from their volunteer within seven days should contact the Longarm Coordinator.

Before shipping:

  • Make sure your top is no smaller than 55 x 65″ and no larger than 72″ x 90″;
  • Press the quilt top;
  • Trim threads on front and back of the top;
  • Make sure the top is free of allergens (pet hair, smoke, perfume);
  • Make sure the backing is eight 8” wider in width and length than the top;
  • Make sure no selvage edges are included in backing seam.  Selvages are more tightly woven and sometimes cause needling problems;
  • Trim ends of backing evenly;
  • Press backing and seams;
  • Fold top and backing neatly and place in plastic bag to protect fabric during shipping;
  • Ship in a sturdy box or shipping bag (LongArmy Volunteers appreciate boxes or bags large enough to accommodate return of the quilted quilt).

More information may be found in the Policies & Procedures manual.