District Coordinator

I have been married to my husband, Tom, for 29 years. Tom was an Officer in the US Army which meant we moved a lot. We have 2 children – Paul (25) is a 1LT (P) and Kristen (23) working on her Masters in Library Sciences.

I have held many different jobs and have volunteered with several different organizations. This has really helped to round out my skill set. I love to quilt and longarm. I also cross stitch and do some bead work. I love learning new crafts. Tom and I are planning on running 5K and 10Ks together now that he is retired. We have an English Springer Spaniel, a tuxedo cat and a Russian Grey cat. (Our daughter’s cat lives with us also, and at times our son’s dog)

I have been a member of several quilt guilds in the past 27 years and have held various positions of leadership. I have worked as a Secretary, Teacher, Customer Service Rep, Car Dealership Processor and Office manager, and currently Quilt Shop sales and sample maker.

August 2018