State Coordinator

Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, grew up in a mobile family where her father oversaw construction jobs.  She met and married a Texas man and made Texas her home.

She is retired from a self-employed career owning and running a small firm that assisted businesses with selecting computer hardware, software and network solutions.  She coordinated resources to obtain a successful implementation.

G. Ann has been involved as a volunteer with QOVF for 3 years, starting in the Military City Quilters group, near San Antonio, TX.  Her current volunteer activities include coordinating activities for quilting groups, finishing and long arming quilts, awarding quilts, and assisting with fundraising.  She is also an active member of QOV Stars, an Internet based group.  The activities for them include assistance to administer the group, approve membership, help develop block drive activities, long arming for members, and communicate with members who have questions.

Successful leadership requires communication.  This means listening to, assisting, and motivating the team to accomplish goals.  She is honored to serve QOVF and its members as a Texas Coordinator, and group leader of Lone Star Quilters.

G. Ann served as IT Director December 2017 thru August 2019 and continues supporting in technology efforts.