Sharon Ann Paradis

District Coordinator

I live in Augusta, ME with my husband and one cat.  I learned about QOVF from a Veterans Day insert in the local newspaper in November 2018.

I learned how to sew from my mother, who was a very talented seamstress.  She made all of my clothes while I was growing up.  Since I love to sew, and you only need just so many clothes, making Quilts of Valor was the perfect way to satisfy that pleasure.

After making five quilt tops that were sent out to be quilted and were gone for a long time I decided that it was time to invest in a longarm machine, complete with a computer driven program.  Since that time I have quilted 265 quilts for QOVF members and groups in Maine.  My own personal number of QOVF quilts made is 96.

Every time I make a QOVF quilt award I am moved by the humility of the recipient and so thankful that they have agreed to be so honored.  As often as I can, I educate people about QOVF and what has been accomplished since Catherine Roberts’ vision way back in 2003.  I do what I do for Quilts of Valor because of gratitude to the millions of service members and veterans who have yet to receive a Quilt of Valor, gratitude to the many who have received a Quilt of Valor and the gratitude to those who will in the future join the ranks of those before them who will serve in the United States Military. It is a very small gesture of thanks for all they have sacrificed to serve and I intend to continue making and awarding Quilts of Valor for as long as I am able to do so.