State Coordinator

Hello, my name is Gayla Boyd. I am the owner and operator of In Stitches with Gayla, located in Blanchard, LA.  I have four daughters, three of them have grown to enjoy the art of sewing.  The women in my family, and there are a lot of us, owe our passion for sewing to my maternal Grandmother, Maudie Ferrier. She was the mother to seven. When you have that many children under roof I would suppose you sew to keep everyone warm or to keep your sanity.  She in turn taught her daughters the art of sewing. My passion for sewing with Quilts of Valor comes from the respect I have for our country and those that stepped forward to put their life on the front line to fight for our freedom.  My Grandmother’s two sons, my Uncles, served in the Navy, my paternal Grandfather served in the Army and my Brother-in-law served in the Marines. To say the least, I am humbled by the bravery and sacrifice of every veteran and the men and women that are still serving our country.  I would like to encourage everyone to volunteer a portion of their time to Quilts of Valor. It is, what some would consider, a small gesture of gratitude to honor a veteran with a quilt but to that honored veteran, it means the world!  They know that they were not and will not be forgotten.