District Coordinator

Sandy Thorson

I was born and raised in rural Iowa. I am married to my husband, Nathan, of 52 years in February and have 2 grown sons. I have 4 beautiful grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. I am a family oriented mom and grandmom.
I have experienced sewing my entire life, at home with my mother, and then in my own home. I started piecing and hand quilting about 30 years ago and have made many quilts since. Currently I just do the tops and leave the quilting to others, especially since I have been involved with Quilts of Valor. I do a lot of samples for our local quilt shop, as well as making the family event quilts and my own personal ones.
I became involved with QOVF in 2009, when a friend’s son sent a request home for the need for more quilts from Landstuhl Germany. She contacted me and I felt this was a great venue for me to serve and create with my favorite hobby. It has been a true joy and emotional experience to share these quilts with our veterans.
My ties to the military are very strong. My husband and his 2 brothers served 20 years each in the Army. My two brothers served at least 3 years each in the Army and well as my 2 sons. My granddaughter’s husband also served 3 years in the Army. Of these, 4 served in Vietnam, 4 served in Korea, and 1 in Afghanistan.