State Co-Coordinator

I live in Branford, just east of New Haven. Weekday mornings, I am a church secretary; otherwise quilter and avid naturalist are good descriptions. My quilt inspector and fitness trainer, Sixty, who is in my lap in the picture, was my birthday gift from my son. Sixty is now five; we walk a couple miles every day.

In 2004, my best friend’s son was wounded in Iraq and treated at Brook Army Hospital for burns (He is fine, had left the Corps and is now a firefighter.). While visiting at Brook, my friend saw QOVs that were presented to her son’s buddies. When she returned home, she showed me the QOV website and on the screen was a picture of her son’s buddy and his QOV. The message was very clear – you need to do this!  Since then quilting skills have been refined, the stash of red, white and blue has grown, a long arm machine has been added to my best friend’s home and mine and friends have been encouraged to make a QOV–or three or more.

I travel with my Marine Corps Leaguer husband, taking quilt tops to events and asking attendees to sign with their service history, if they have such, or their good wishes. My commitment to Quilts of Valor has grown every time someone thanks me for what I am doing; it is my honor to be part of making Quilts of Valor for all those who continue to sacrifice for us.