State Co-Coordinator

I live in Bristol, about 15 miles west of Hartford (home of ESPN!).  I’ve been sewing since about age 10, and made a few quilts while in high school and college, but then it fell by the wayside until 2009.  I was delighted to see all the new tools and techniques that had emerged!

I first heard about Quilts of Valor through a notice at my quilt guild. State coordinator Jane Dougherty awarded a quilt to a vet, and I was hooked.  She set the hook deeper a few weeks later by inviting me to come with her to a veteran’s house to award a quilt.  Not long after that, she encouraged me to make presentations on my own in my section of the state when she was not available.

One thing I’ve found, especially with the older veterans, is that it seems that no one has ever thanked them for what they did for us; they were just expected to come home and fit back into civilian life.  With the Vietnam vets it goes one step further, as they were often verbally abused upon their return.  Many vets of all ages are moved to tears by our expressions of gratitude – which brings the tears to my eyes, too!  I’m so thankful to be able to participate in this wonderful mission.