Jerilyn Lightfoot

District Coordinator
As a mother of a Special Forces active duty Marine, I understand what it means to be “touched by war”. The hidden impact of military conflict is quite real. Quilts of Valor are a powerful, tactile, comforting “Thank You” for your service. I am in awe of the power of our quilts having witnessed the healing power in action as servicemen and women are enveloped in a loving cocoon by the quilts. Awesome!
I’ve been a member of the Blue Star Mothers of America since 2004 and a charter member of the South Bay Blue Star Moms. Military Moms search the net constantly, and I learned about various groups making quilts and bought a book by Eleanor Burns -Victory Quilts. I fell in love with patriotic fabric and thus began my sewing adventure. Later on, I came across Quilts of Valor and have been sewing for the organization since 2010. Military families are community service oriented. My Blue Star Mothers and I formed a QOV group called the Sewing Stars and we encourage community involvement and even have several “Man-Sewers” in our group!
In fact, I recruited my husband, George Garcia, a few years back to sew QOVs and now George has his own Singer Featherweight. We have 2 American Cocker Spaniels siblings “Tobey and Tilley”. Tobey is my sewing companion and is always nearby. However, Tobey is a fabric thief and always running off with a piece or two if I turn my back!
I enjoy making QOVF Quilt Kits. I loved the QOV Under Our Wings Program and find kits are a nice way to encourage young or new quilters. I have an interest in organizing QOVF sewing events via local schools, quilt guilds and churches. Someday, I’d love to learn how to long-arm a quilt and explore free motion quilting.
I am looking forward to making new connections with local quilt guilds, forming alliances, fundraising, and planning fun activities in Silicon Valley. Lets connect, and see how I may be of service to you as we partner together in support of the QOVF mission.