Allison Fentriss

Assistant Executive Director

Allison comes from the corporate environment as an innovative, results-oriented technology professional with 30 years of experience. Whether working for large or small companies, she always wore many hats and shouldered many responsibilities. Her ability to leverage her expertise in program and project management, business analysis, enterprise process improvement, data-driven decision-making and executing repeatable, consistent results in processes and deliverables will be put to good use.

Allison is a third-generation Navy Veteran and married to a retired Chief. At any given moment, she has her two fur-kids and a Service Dog in Training running around. She became a volunteer in 2010 doing presentations and loved sitting with the Veterans and hearing the sea stories. She meets living history and can’t get enough: Medal of Honor Recipients, Red Tails, ALCAN, Code Breakers and all of the new Service Members and Veterans history hasn’t recorded and published yet. Everyone who served has a story, and she’d like to hear them all.

In 2018, Allison left her longstanding job to become more active in the nonprofit community with military focus. Her why for her involvement in QOVF has changed significantly since she started, but her passion for the Mission hasn’t changed.

January 2021