Labeling a Quilt of Valor


Appendix E.2 Labels for Quilts of Valor

A Quilt of Valor must be labeled as such.

Quilts of Valor labels may be:

  • Handwritten, using permanent ink designed for fabric such as Sakura Pigma® Micron® Pen or Sakura Identi-Pen®. • Machine embroidered • Computer generated • Pieced
  • Purchased from SPOONFLOWER

Occasionally a fabric company such as Moda or Andover will print QOV labels which can be purchased at your local quilt store.


Information that must be included on a Quilt of Valor label includes:

  • The words “Quilt of Valor.”
  • The quilt maker(s) name and state, including the maker of the top, the quilter (machine or hand), and the binder. Full names are acceptable.
  • Space to fill in the name of the awardee.


Labels may also include:

  • Expression of gratitude.
  • A dedication (for example, “My dad, a Vietnam Veteran”)
  • Date awarded.
  • Washing Instructions (cold water, mild detergent, “color catcher,” dry on low heat).

Labels may not include: Religious or political messages (possible exception if the recipient is well known).

The “eagle” labels below are samples of labels available from Spoonflower. Check their website for label sizes and to order.