Nomination for a Service Member or Living Veteran

who has been Touched by War for a Quilt of Valor®

CS, US Navy and JL, US Marine Corps

Before submitting a nomination for a Quilt of Valor® (QOV), please read the following information carefully and review our Privacy Policy

The Quilts of Valor® Foundation appreciates the service and sacrifice of those who are serving or have served in the US Armed Forces and protect our freedoms.

In 2003 Catherine Roberts, the QOVF Founder, created the concepts that underpin the QOVF mission statement.

QOVF Mission Statement:


To cover service members and veterans touched by war

with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.

Army Chaplain John Kallerson with Catherine Roberts, Founder of QOVF

JH, US Army

JB, US Army

WWII Veteran

JLG, US Marine Corps

ER, US Army


Awarding a service member or veteran a QOV is a shared responsibility of the nominator and the QOVF volunteer.  To further explain the concepts behind the mission statement, and help you with the nomination process, please read these “Frequently Asked Questions” before submitting a nomination.

Why does the Foundation award Quilts of Valor?

We believe that QOVs offer comfort and healing to those service members and veterans who have been touched by war.  Our mission is to comfort those who may struggle with visible and invisible wounds (physical, mental, emotional) as a result of their service to our great Nation.

Our focus is on those most in need of comfort and healing first; those who need to know their sacrifice is acknowledged, those who need the affirmation of a hug, and those who never heard the words “Welcome Home.”

What does “touched by war” mean?

Only Armed Forces service members or veterans know what “touched by war” means to them,  whether they have been “touched by war,” and some may not wish to share their experiences.  We honor their wishes and do not judge.   Service members and veterans may be “touched by war” or affected by war in direct and indirect ways; sometimes with long-lasting impact.

Below are some examples of “touched by war;” these are not all inclusive.   These examples are meant to help you better understand the phrase “touched by war.”

Being “touched by war” means:

  • Engaging in direct combat, no matter when or where, declared or undeclared wars or conflicts
  • Serving while in harm’s way delivering support, supplies, etc, to those engaged in preventing conflicts or engaged in battle or combat
  • Caring for the casualties, injured, and ill service members or veterans on the front lines, in-theater, deployed, or in hospitals and medical centers overseas or stateside
  • Providing casualty assistance to families of the fallen, escorting the fallen or remains, and/or participating in honor guards
  • Being wounded or injured in training for combat or direct support of combat
  • Being there to listen, to minister, and to support others struggling with the demons of being in a war zone
  • And more…

Who is eligible to be awarded a Quilt of Valor?

  •  Active duty service members and living veterans of the Armed Forces who served in the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, and living Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States during declared war, conflicts, police actions, peacekeeping missions, and counter terrorism operations and/or times of peace. 
    • Members of the activated National Guard and activated or active duty-special work (ADSW) reservists are included.  The Army National Guard and Air Force National Guard are components of the Army and Air Force respectively.   Merchant Marines activated from 1941 to 1945.
    • Service during, but not necessarily limited to, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Beirut, Granada, Bosnia, the Cold War, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Iraq, Afghanistan, anti-terrorism operations, and terrorism attacks against Armed Forces personnel is included.
  • Only veterans with an Honorable or General Discharge status are eligible.
  • QOVF does not award QOVs posthumously.

Are service member’s or veteran’s families or other family support personnel eligible for QOVs?

No, they are not.  QOVF awards quilts only to service members and living veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.  QOVF acknowledges and appreciates the support of families.   We also remember and honor those who have given their lives for our freedoms, but we do not award QOVs posthumously.

Here are some options to consider if your veteran or service member is not eligible for a QOV:   Click Here for additional information.

How does the Foundation determine the order (priority) of awards?

As the focus is on those most in need of comfort and healing first, the following factors are considered: era of service and times of war-conflict, declared or undeclared, (e.g. World War II, Korea, Vietnam, etc.), medical or debilitating conditions related to service.  Some areas of the country may have other factors that affect awards, (e.g., areas or states with dense populations of veterans, states with more military bases, and areas in states close to military bases).

Why is a QOV “awarded” rather than being “presented” or “gifted?”

A QOV is a civilian award to our service members and veterans—it is not a gift or a present for surprises, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, or other celebrations.  The award of a QOV is similar to a personal award bestowed upon an individual by the military.  A QOV has been earned and recipients are nominated based on their selfless service and sacrifice in defense of our Nation.   Due to Department of Defense policy there are monetary limits on how much active duty service members are allowed to accept.  An award has no monetary value; it is priceless.

Surprise awards are not allowed out of respect for the service members and veterans.   This limitation is designed to protect the service member or veteran from a potentially unexpected emotional episode or medical issue. Some individuals just do not like surprises of any kind.

What are the next steps?

After your nomination has been submitted a QOVF volunteer will contact you to explain the process, answer your questions, and make arrangements for the award.  If you are not the person who will make those arrangements, please provide the name, email, and phone number of that other person.

Awarding a service member or veteran a QOV is a shared responsibility of the nominator and the QOVF volunteer.  The QOVF volunteer will be your point of contact through the process until the service member or veteran has been awarded his or her Quilt of Valor.

While the focus of the mission is on those most in need of comfort and healing first, factors such as era of service, life circumstances, etc. also are taken into consideration.

To help you gather the information needed to submit an on-line nomination, you may want to refer to the printable nomination form.  If you are ready to nominate a service member or veteran for a Quilt of Valor

 Below is a printable version of the nomination form you may wish to complete and either mail in or hand deliver.