QOVF Brochures

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Members Only News

Many of you are aware that our brochures are donated by a donor located in Canada. We approved the order of updated brochures in January. This would normally result in receipt by March. However, due to the public health crisis, their employees were under stay-at-home orders through April. When they came back to work, the order could not be placed with the Canadian printing company because our borders are currently closed for non-essential traffic. Several options were discussed, including a US printing company. The decision to utilize a different source also resulted in a smaller brochure. We expect to have a scan of the modified size for review within a week or so. We are certain that many comments will be submitted discussing the advantages and/or disadvantages of the sizing.

We value our partner and are grateful for their donation to us.

After receipt of new brochure stock, if you have comments, please notify executive.director@qovf.org.

Thank you.