Printable Nomination Forms

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Members Only News

We’ve removed the printable Nomination Form from the website for the general public. We are trying to streamline where we can. If the general public can get to the website to print the form, then we want them to enter the nomination online. Removing the print option will encourage them to do so. We know not everyone uses a computer, so we still have an updated version available through the member dashboard.

The revised form no longer includes the Iowa PO Box address. The intent is for members to use the form to collect information from a nominator or recipient that does not have computer access and then submit the nomination online. This change was made to alleviate our accounting and membership staff from entering nominations. They are not part of the award process and when they enter a nomination, they can appear as the requestor.

As of April 1st, any form that arrives in Iowa will be scanned and emailed to the state distribution email address or the recipient’s state. For example, a request for a recipient in Alabama would be emailed to, which contains the state and district coordinators. It is up to state leadership to enter the information through the website. How you accomplish that is up to each state – whether done by the SC or sent to a group that would eventually handle the award.

You may receive more than a few initially, because the form was available to everyone until early this month. But it will calm to a few here and there. Those will be from recipients or requestors you may already have a relationship with, since they have a form from you.

We are grateful for all that you do and how you share the passion of our Mission.