The Quilt “One Nation”

by | Dec 18, 2021 | QOVF In The News

As quilters are wont to do, author and designer Nancy Brenan Daniel had a spare star block that never made it into a quilt. She donated it to the Friendship Village Quilt Guild. To me, it looked as if it needed to be the foundation of a Quilt of Valor, so I took it, but without an idea for a final design.

Several hours and books later, I found a photo of a quilt by Marianne Fons (perhaps the mother of the resurgence of quilting in the US). The quilt [Lady Libery Medallion] was designed for an exhibition celebrating the bicentennial of the Statue of Liberty. It had a center medallion, a square-in-a-square-in-a-square configuration, meaningful text, paper-pieced blocks, and a complex border. It was the perfect design inspiration.

The only problem was – I didn’t know how to paper-piece. My neighbor and fellow guild member, Juanita Goodloe, spent a very long and patience-trying day teaching me that skill. I learned, but one should not look too closely at those blocks.
Then it was time to add the text. The challenge was creating the corner arcs for the embroidery. Walt Blackmore, who is an aerospace engineer and wood carver, took the time to make sure the arcs were, in fact, parts of an actual circle.

On to the twisted ribbon border. The red fabric has very tiny eagles in it, so I was determined to use it for your quilt. Unfortunately, as I neared the end of the border, I found I did not have enough fabric to finish the last two sections. The fabric was long since out of production and I didn’t know its name or manufacturer. I posted an SOS and a photo of it on a quilters’ Facebook page and within minutes Carol Scamara from Sonora, CA offered me the yardage I needed.

Finally, the top and the back were ready to go to Dianne Martini. She is my favorite Quilt of Valor LongArmy member, as she takes the time to customize the quilting both to the design of the top and for the person receiving the quilt. Her skill turned my sewing into a work of art.

There isn’t enough room on a label to recognize everyone who helped make your quilt. Here is the concise list: Nancy Brenan Daniel, Maryanne Fons, Juanita Goodloe, Walt Blackmore, Carol Scamara, Dianne Martini, and me, Lynn McAdams Busenbark.