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Completed Quilts of Valor ® may be awarded locally to nominees known by the quilt maker or in
the quilt maker’s community. Local awards, whether made by a local group or directly from quilt
maker to nominee, are meaningful both to the nominated and those who award the QOVs.
All awards should be reported on the Quilts of Valor Foundation website. To report, click on the
“Take Action – Report a Quilt of Valor Award” button above.
Alternatively, individuals and groups may ask the Foundation to select destinations for
completed quilts.
Before requesting a destination for a quilt (or quilts) from the Destination Coordinator, make
sure the quilt meets the Foundation’s standards of excellence described in the Quilt
Requirements (make this a click/link here)
Confirm that the quilt is completely finished, has been washed, and has a label and presentation
case, if appropriate. Presentation cases are recommended for QOVs going to overseas
destinations and medical facilities. They may not be needed for local individual or small group

  • The Destination Coordinator makes assignments at least once a week.
  • The Destination Coordinator makes every effort to honor special requests, such as requests
    for overseas destinations or destinations in a specific state or facility.
  • The Destination Coordinator may consult with other leadership as needed.
  • Final decisions about destinations are at the discretion of the Destination Coordinator.
    To request a destination:
  • Go to “Take Action – Request A Destination” above.
  • Complete the online form to request a destination. Do not use this form to request a quilt for
    a specific person or yourself.
  • If possible, attach a photo of your quilt to the online form to help the Destination
    Coordinator, assign your quilt appropriately.
  • Once an assignment is made, ship the quilt within a week
  • When shipping to an assigned destination, it is not necessary to use expensive shipping
    methods; however, tracking, when available, is recommended. USPS now offers tracking at
    no charge.
  • Insurance is not recommended for shipping to an APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet
    Post Office) as tracking is not available once a package reaches such “jumping off spot”

Direct any questions regarding destinations to the Destination Coordinator

If a quilt does not meet the Foundation’s standards of excellence, the Destination Coordinator,
may be able to find a destination where the quilt is appropriate and acceptable. For example if a
quilt is undersized it might be appropriate for a wheelchair-bound recipient. Be sure to inform
the Destination Coordinator, up front if your quilt does not conform to the Standards of