When customers come in the shop and I hear them comment that they really don’t need another quilt, I tell them about Quilts of Valor.’


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Certified Quilt Business 



– What is a Certified Business?

The Certified Quilt Business Program offers  businesses within the quilting industry an opportunity to support the Quilts of Valor® Foundation mission.

– Why join the Certified Quilt Business Program?

Two main reasons:  to show support for service members and veterans and to market your business to volunteers making Quilts of Valor® (QOVs).  Over 220,000 QOVs have been awarded by over 10,000 volunteers. The average cost of materials alone is about $300.00 per QOV.

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Just the Facts

Sponsoring a QOV Group: 

Certified Quilt Businesses can sponsor a QOV Group and work with that group to expand the number of volunteers in support of the QOVF Mission.

How Do I Sign Up?

There are two steps to registration:

  1. Complete the registration form  on-line  -or-   by mail  and pay an annual $30 fee
  2. Complete and submit the Financial Responsibility Form for Certified Quilt Business

You will receive a Welcome email with information including creating a QOVF account. Each business is expected to adhere to the QOVF Policies & Procedures regarding handling of funds.

Want to know more

Email CertifiedBusiness@qovf.org