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Policies & Procedures

This Quilts of Valor Foundation Policies & Procedures Manual sets forth standards, policies, and procedures for the Quilts of Valor Foundation. It explains our legal responsibilities and our responsibilities to the Foundation and to our quilt awardees.

The first section is the Policies section. Included are our mission statement and our list of core values. The Policies section also explains the structure of Quilts of Valor Foundation and the policies (the “whys”) established for the pursuit of our mission. The second section is the Procedures section. It explains methods (the “hows”) we use to pursue our mission. The third section, the Appendices,contains additional information, forms, and helpful documents.

The Foundation’s leadership consists of its Board of Directors, its Executive Staff, and its State Coordinators, who are all unpaid volunteers. The Foundation expects its leadership staff, member group leaders, and members to adhere to the standards and policies described in this manual. All individuals involved in the work of the Foundation are expected to familiarize themselves with the contents of this manual.


Policies and Procedures Revised September-2016

APPENDICES 2016 Revised January 2017