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How do I Request A Quilt

How do I Request A Longarmer

How Do I Request a Destination for My Finished Quilt

How do I Request A Quilt

How do I Report a Quilt of Valor I Awarded

How do I Join

How do I Request A Quilt

Request a Quilt here

The quilts made by the Foundation’s member volunteers are called Quilts of Valor, sometimes referred to as QOVs. They are awarded to U.S. military service members and veterans who have been touched by war. A Quilt of Valor is a lifetime award.

The Foundation does not provide quilts to organizations for permanent public display or to serve as bed covers for hospital beds. While QOVF recognizes the sacrifices of family members of military service members, the Foundation’s mission is to award quilts to service members and veterans. Requests for quilts for persons other than service members and veterans are referred to other appropriate organizations.

Completed Quilts of Valor may be awarded locally to awardees known by the quilt maker or in the quilt maker’s community. Alternatively, individuals and groups may ask the Foundation to select destinations for completed quilts

Requests for Quilts of Valor are sometimes referred to as “nominations.” Any individual may request a Quilt of Valor for a service member or veteran touched by war. An individual may request a Quilt of Valor for himself or herself.

To nominate a recipient:

  • Complete the online form to nominate a recipient.
  • The Individual Request Coordinator (IRC) will contact you within three business days to acknowledge your request.
  • The IRC will forward the request to the State Coordinator or a local group leader in the geographical area where the nominee lives.
  • The State Coordinator or local Group Leader will contact you within two to three business days to discuss coordination of the award presentation. Additional time may be required to coordinate the award if a completed quilt is not available.
  • If the IRC does not receive confirmation from the contacted State Coordinator in a timely manner verifying that the award presentation is underway, she/he will contact you.

The Quilts of Valor Foundation favors awarding a QOV in person, rather than sending it impersonally in a box. Anyone is qualified to award a Quilt of Valor as long as she/he has sufficient information about the Foundation, its mission, and its core values.

How do I Request A Longarmer

Request A Longarmer here

A limited number of longarm machine quilters across the U.S. have registered to serve as volunteer longarmers at no charge.

QOVF Members in good standing may request a volunteer longarmer by completing and submitting the above form.

The Foundation’s Longarm Coordinator (LC) provides the assigned longarmer’s contact information to the quilt maker within seven to ten working days of receiving the request.

Once the quilt maker and longarmer have communicated, the quilt maker ships the quilt top and backing to the longarmer. The longarmer contacts the quilt maker within five to seven business days of receiving the quilt top and backing to confirm the package has arrived.

Quilt makers who do not receive confirmation from their longarmer within seven days should contact the Longarm Coordinator. (link to longarmers coordinator information)

Before requesting a longarmer, review “Standards of Excellence & Procedures for Making Quilts of Valor,”(link here) to make sure your quilt top meets QOVF standards. Before shipping:

  • Press the quilt top.
  • Trim threads on front and back of the top.
  • Make sure the top is free of allergens (pet hair, smoke, perfume).
  • Make sure the backing is eight 8” wider in width and 8” longer in length than the top. Make sure no selvage edges are included in backing seams. (Selvages are more tightly woven and can sometimes cause needling problems.) Trim ends of backing even. Press backing and backing seams.
  • Fold top and backing neatly and place in plastic bag to protect fabric during shipping.
  • Ship in a sturdy box. (Longarmers appreciate boxes large enough to accommodate return of the quilted quilt)

How Do I Request a Destination for My Finished Quilt

To request a destination for your finished quilt:

  • Complete and submit the online form to request a destination. Do not use this form to request a quilt for a specific person or yourself.
  • If possible, attach a photo of your quilt to the online form to help the Destination Coordinator assign your quilt appropriately.
  • Once an assignment is made, ship the quilt within a week.
  • When shipping to an assigned destination, it is not necessary to use expensive shipping methods; however, tracking, when available, is recommended.
  • Insurance is not recommended for shipping to an APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office) as tracking is not available once a package reaches such “jumping off spot” locations.

Direct any questions regarding destinations to the DC. Contact information is (link here)

If a quilt does not meet the Foundation’s standards of excellence, the DC may be able to find a destination where the quilt is appropriate and acceptable. For example if a quilt is undersized it might be appropriate for a wheelchair-bound recipient. Be sure to inform the DC up front if your quilt does not conform to the Standards of Excellence. (link here)

How do I Report a Quilt of Valor I Awarded

Please use this form  for reporting the following types of QOV awards:

  • QOVs you have awarded through local requests and,
  • QOVs that you have awarded at the request of the Individual Request Coordinator.

Please do not report QOVs that you send to destinations arranged by the Destination Coordinator (DC) as the DC handles reporting these.

Thank you for helping the QOVF maintain accurate records about the QOVs awarded that comfort and honor our service members and veterans.

How do I Join

The Quilts of Valor Foundation uses a “volunteer member” structure. Volunteer members are individuals and local group members that pay a nominal annual fee to belong to the Foundation. Local member groups are listed on the Foundation website,  with contact information for the group’s Group Leader.

  • Individuals and groups join the Foundation here

Annual membership fees are: Individual $20

Groups (2 or more members): $30 for the group + $5 per member

  • Membership covers a twelve (12) month period.
  • Membership fee levels were established for the 2015 initiation of the volunteer member structure. Fee levels may change but are to remain nominal.
  • Member groups can be as small as two volunteer members.
  • Benefits of membership are: Add ? Benefits may vary from year to year.
  • By maintaining membership, individual and group members acknowledge the policies and procedures – link of the Foundation.
  • Registered groups may solicit funds using the QOVF name after receiving written authorization from the Executive Director.(link)

How do I make a Quilt of Valor

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