The Team

Making a QOV is all about teamwork.


  • Select suitable pattern and fabric for your Wounded Warrior.
  • Piece top that will be at its finished size at least 55" x 65".
  • Use 100% good quality cotton fabric, preferably quilt shop fabric.
  • Use good quality fabric for backing. Should exceed at least 3" on all sides. (This is a total of 6-8" wider and 6-8" longer.)
  • When ready for your top to be quilted, fill out Request Longarmer Form
  • Once your partner is assigned, communicate with them.
  • Be courteous and send top/backing in a timely fashion.
  • Longarmer will determine who will do binding, label, presentation case, etc.


  • Join the volunteer longarmer's list to quilt a QOV
  • Let longarm coordinator know you are available to quilt
  • When you get your partner, let them know what you need and are willing to do; i.e., will bind, will not bind, will make presentation case, etc.
  • Turn-around time is 30 days.
  • If you have a problem finishing the quilting, let partner know. Don't be shy about this point.

Longarm Coordinator

  • Will assign a longarmer to the quilt-topper.
  • Will facilitate communication if there is a need

Final Destination Coordinator

  • Will provide a final destination for the finished QOV based on needs.
  • Will try and accommodate wishes of QOV team as far as branch, location, etc.
  • Needs from Points of Contact supercede QOV team's request...that is the QOV team needs to trust the Destination Coordinator to triage their QOV to the most needy.