Region 8 AL-E.Mathews

Meet Elizabeth Mathews, Region 8 Coordinator - Alabama

My name is Elizabeth Mathews.  I live in Birmingham Alabama, but grew up in Huntsville.  My father was career Army and worked civil service after he retired.  I have 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren.  I ended up in Birmingham because I completed my BS in Occupational Therapy in 1990. I worked as an Occupational Therapist for 20 years, and then quit to cook.  We own in Odenville, and this is where I am exposed to so many quilters that I finally had to throw in the towel and learn to sew. While my mother was an expert seamstress, she never quilted.  But it is my husband’s family that is well known around these parts for their accomplished quilting talents, either by hand and / or machine.    

I just began sewing about 2 years ago.  By the end of my first year I made 7 of my 9 grandchildren their first lap quilt, (I liked the small projects).  Last year I completed the other 2 and my 3 daughters a quilt.  Then I was stumped, I don’t feel the drive to make a quilt if it is not for somebody else.  In January  of this year the QOVF found me.  Teaming with Heart to Heart Quilt Shop (now UOW), we promoted a 3-day sew-a-thon for a local Veterans Home and completed 80 quilt tops with 40+ volunteers.  (I provided the facility and they provided the pre-cut fabric).  This was done in March, and as of now 67 of them have been completed.  But that is what made me dig more into the QOVF and I no longer feel ‘stumped’ on who I can make a quilt for. I believe it was April; I became the Regional Coordinator for Alabama.  And I would tell you everything we are trying to do for the QOVF in Alabama, but I am out of my allotted number of words so you will have to visit the blog or FB.  Kristy Cantrell my oldest daughter is co-coordinator with me.  

You can contact me by email I look forward hearing from you.