QOV Classroom

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We have the essentials laid out.  We will be adding to this section on an on-going basis.

Cutting fabric:

  • Folding for accurate cuts
  • Handy tools and how to use them

Making blocks or units:

  • Stitching for accuracy and speed
  • Pressing pointers
  • Keeping size consistent
  • Sashing and cornerstones
  • Putting the rows and columns together

Adding borders:

  • Measuring and cutting
  1.   Butted borders
  2.   Mitered borders
  3.   Pieced borders
  • Applying
  1. Quartering
  2. Pinning
  3. Sewing
  4. Pressing


  • Making straight of grain binding
  • Applying with mitered corners
  • Hand stitching back
  • Machine stitching both sides

Making a Presentation case


Making Labels

  • Hand drawn
  • Computer printed

Red, White Blue String Strip Quilt Instructions.

Youtube video is easiest way to learn. But we also have written instructions here.