Prep for Talks/shows

Ideas to help you prepare.


When Speaking to a Group or an Individual,  You Should Always Be Prepared


  • Speak from your Heart.  You can never go wrong doing this.
  • Know your audience.  Are they military or civilians, quilters or service groups, men or women, limited resources or large contributors?
  • Tailor your talk to the audience. Make sure you cover points they may not already know not only with words but actual samples if appropriate.  For example, when talking about quilt construction, bring a quilt that will show them the three layers. Cover basics like military deployments for quilting groups.
  • Know what you need and what they may have to give. If they do not have a million, do not ask. Let everyone know exactly what you would do with the funds you are soliciting.
  • Be very specific and do not apologize. "With $100.00 we can make 1 handmade quilt for a service member." or "The $35.00 I am asking for will cover the shipping for 2 quilts to a hospital in Germany."
  • Handwritten requests are fine, they can be handed to the person in charge before you speak at an event.
  • Visual aides are fantastic! Bring quilts as examples, let them feel them.
  • Bring a servicemember in uniform to accompany you. They can explain what it is to stand down range and why a QOV can make a difference.
  • Have plenty of business cards.
  • Always send a handwritten thank you note  for allowing you to speak.
  •  When given a donation always give a receipt and a thank you note. You can see an example of one the web.

Groups you might consider talking to.

  • American Legion
  • VFWs
  • Service Clubs like Kiwanis, Lions, Soroptomist
  • Women's Clubs
  • Local area businesses