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Please allow me to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about our non-profit Foundation. We got started in November 2003 with the goal of making quilts that would both heal and comfort our war wounded. These quilts are called Quilts of Valor (QOVs). Wounds that qualify are those that are both seen and unseen. Chaplain Kallerson suggested using the phrase "touched by war" as a way of identifying recipients.

The Most Frequent Remark From a QOV-Recipient When Awarded Their QOV is:

"I Didn't Know Anyone Cared."

Members of our Armed Forces continue to be killed or wounded in the Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. I heard a statistic from the New England Journal of Medicine which had a journal article on troop injuries. For every casuality multiply that number by ten and you will get an approximate number of wounded. So when you hear on the news that eight Marines died, you con assume there were 80 wounded.

According to reliable sources, the number of our total wounded is actually far higher than the official DOD's one. Some estimates have the range anywhere from 40,000 and up. If you are interested in more information, please follow this link from Global

If you are a quilter or longarmer, I invite you to use your talents to show these brave young men and women how much we appreciate their sacrifice and service with something very American and very tangible: A War-Time Quilt of Valor.

This site provides one way to go about catching them in our QOV net of comfort and love and healing. If you want to do more than talk about supporting our troops, I invite you to take up your sewing implements and help make Quilts of Valor which DO make a difference in the road to recovery for our servicemembers.

Catherine Roberts


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