National Service


National service can be as complicated as giving your life for your country or as simple as making a Quilt of Valor for a combat veteran.
Quilters already understand the therapeutic value of making a quilt and the joy of giving a quilt. Thousands of us, via Quilts of Valor (QOV), have made quilts of comfort for American service members.
Now, via Under Our Wings (UOW), avid quilters can help someone who has never made a quilt before make a QOV. Via UOW, Rookie quilters can confidently sew patchwork blocks guided by a Coach who cares.
If you are a quilt shop owner, your store can be a Victory Garden for your current customers and future customers by becoming an Official Under Our Wings Quilt Shop (OS).


Currently fewer than one percent of Americans serve in the military, though we are engaged in the longest protracted conflict since the Revolutionary War.


In the past, Americans failed to support veterans returning from previous wars, such as Korea, the forgotten war, and Viet Nam, the unpopular war.


Armed service members undergo tremendous stress to leave family, friends, career, and country when they are deployed, stress that is beyond civilian capacity to comprehend.


Then you know a comforting quilt can say “Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and valor,” in a way nothing else can. Join Quilts of Valor or any service project that honors brave Americans. Take a non-quilter under your wings and serve your country.


Uncle Sam Honor Roll
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Following the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln said “Let us . . . care for him who shall have borne the battle.” More recently Defense Secretary Robert Gates, speaking at Duke University, said, “We must spare no expense to compensate or care for those who have served and suffered on the battlefield. That is our sacred obligation."
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