Meat & Potatoes

The reason (Meat & Potatoes) why this organization exists.

History of QOV Foundation

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Why are we so passionate about our mission? 

Because no matter where we stand politically, we accept our warriors and veterans with open arms and open hearts.   One only has to talk to the veterans of previous wars and conflicts to get a glimpse that the profound effects of war never really leave.  

Our mission is to cover all our warriors and  veterans who have been touched by war with our healing and comforting Quilts of Valor.  In this interview with Dorsey Winfree, a Vietnam vet, you will hear his story and what his Quilt of Valor means to him.  We believe Dorsey's story will help all of us understand why it is imperative to make these healing quilts.


Interview with Dorsey Winfree, a Vietnam Vet.  Sept 09, Quincy WA