Journaling-Your Voices ARE Important and cherished by your recipient.

 I want to encourage you all to document your making of this healing and comforting quilt made for your warrior who has been touched by war. Take pictures. Write your thoughts. Then, include these items for your recipient to have.


Because the majority of QOV recipients don't have the faintest clue as to what goes into the making of a quilt.  Also, one day your recipient will have enough comprehension and life experience to appreciate what you did and who you are.

Your stories inspire.  I know from first hand accounts that recipients adore the journals as much as the quilt.  Now if you are thinking it's too much work or you don't know how, stay tuned.  Susan Slanika has been writing about journaling in our newsletters for years.  We are bringing them together here so you can get some ideas of what you'll do.


Notes from Susan Slaninka, our Journal Guru

QOV Signature Quilt Series, an historical perspective.  Roy Shoults