Hand made label

Handmade Labels

Aside from buying already made QOV labels, handmade labels are probably the second easiest labels to make.  You can write your label with a PIGMA pen on good quality muslin.  You can also preprint what you want to say and then using a light box, copy it on to your label.

VIDEO  Label making class taught by Mary Ditorio.  This is an advanced course for those of you who want to get more creative with your labels.


           Six easy steps for making a handmade label.

Steps Description Picture
1 Here you compose your label BEFORE committing pen to fabric.  You can do this either freehand or print out from computer and then trace the letters with the aid of a lightbox. But even before you do this, figure out how big your label will be. first step
2 Think ahead.  How big do you want your label to be. Take what you want to write and see if it fits.  Remember you will have to turn edges under when sewing label onto the back of your quilt.  So leave a hefty sized margin.  Better too much than too little. Cutting fabric for label
3 In order to stablize your label, tape the wrong side.  I used painter's masking tape.  It works well.  You also could use freezer paper ironed on the back. Remember shiny side down on fabric, dull side is the one you iron. taping reverse side of label
4 If you have preprinted your label, now is the time to draw lines, trace letters.  It's very hard to write on a straight line without having a line there to go by.  tracing the label
5 Now that you have tape on wrong side, lines drawn, you can now write the text.  I have done both...free hand and traced computer generated words.  Be sure to use an acid-free permanent fabric pen like PIGMA.  copy your text on to the fabric.
6 Now you get to see the fruits of your labors.  Peel off the tape or freezer paper and now you have your personally designed/written labe. Peel backing off hand printed label