Getting a Longarm Quilter

So how do you get teamed up with your longarmer?

  • You simply fill out the Request Longarmer Form .  Our Longarm Coordinator gets your request and shortly will get back to you with your partner's contact information.

The main thing to remember is this.  Communication is a two way street.  Do NOT assume anything.  It is common courtesy to let your partner know when something is sent/received.  Also if something has come up which will delay completion of the agreement, let people know.  After years of pairing people up, we have found that "life happens".  Be forthright.  If you aren't forthcoming, you will find yourself in a precarious and unenviable position.  Bite the bullet and call your partner or the longarm coordinator. 

We are here to help facilitate your partnership no matter what curve ball life has thrown.  Really.