Backing & Binding

Choosing fabrics and making backing and binding.

Backing your QOV

  • Good quality 100% cotton, print or blender (NO Sheets)
  • Cut straight
  • If seamed, selvages removed
  • 8 to 10 inches longer and wider than the top ( allows for drawing up of quilting and attaching to quilting machine.
  • wide backing fabrics may be more economical

Piecing backing

  • Seams should run parallel to top and bottom of backing
  • Cut fabrics the same length; pin and sew


  •     Straight cut diagonally seamed (unless edge of quilt is scalloped requiring bias    binding).
  •     Corners mitered.
  •     Neatly applied by hand and/or machine.
  •     Color/fabric appropriate to quilt.